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1. PowerSchool | Caroline County Public Schools

  • CCPS provides access to student information for parents through PowerSchool Parent Portal. Students' attendance, grades, and schedules can be viewed through ...

  • The Board of Education of Caroline County  does not discriminate in admissions, access, treatment, or employment in its programs and activities on the basis of race, color, age, sex, national origin, religion, disability, sexual orientation or other basis prohibited by law. Appropriate accommodations for individuals with disabilities will be provided upon request. The information in this announcement is available in alternative formats upon request.

PowerSchool | Caroline County Public Schools

2. Student Info Forms in PowerSchool | Caroline County Public Schools

  • To access your Parent PowerSchool account: The school will provide your PowerSchool login information. If you have not received it, please call the school or ...

  • Please be sure to verify/update your child's information in PowerSchool. CCPS and your child's ...

Student Info Forms in PowerSchool | Caroline County Public Schools

3. Caroline County Public School -

Caroline County Public School -

4. Parent Sign In - PowerSchool

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5. Caroline County Public Schools - Clever | Log in

  • Caroline County Public Schools · Log in with Google · Log in with Clever · Log in with Clever Badges ...

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6. Caroline G. Atkinson Intermediate School - Freeport Public Schools

7. Duval County Public Schools / Homepage

  • Welcome! Duval County Public Schools is the 20th largest school district in the nation and the sixth largest school district in Florida.

8. Caroline G. Atkinson Intermediate School Calendar - Freeport Public ...

  • Office of CPS · Parent Portal Info; Expand menu item ... Caroline G. Atkinson Intermediate School ... © 2024 PowerSchool Corporation. All rights reserved. Login.

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9. Buckingham County Public Schools: Home

  • "Developing the future one student at a time"

Buckingham County Public Schools: Home

10. Board of Education / Kendra Mapp - Cincinnati Public Schools

  • ... Calendar · Register to Enroll · PowerSchool · Technology Tools · Parent Concern Form · Employment · Do Business with CPS · Board of Education ...

  • Kendra is a servant leader that learned the value of education, service, advocacy, and community  throughout her early years of childhood. These core beliefs were modeled by family members such  as: her grandmother, father, mother, and brother; in addition to a host of educators and mentors. She  was inspired by their seeds of selflessness, compassion, and empathy; to champion the voices of  the people and impact change within the community.   Kendra is a product of Cincinnati Public Schools, a supportive parent within the district, a community  advocate, and a proud graduate of Hughes High School. Upon graduation, she became the recipient  of an educational scholarship initiative at the University of Cincinnati, due to the guidance that she  received at Hughes. Kendra acquired eleven years of experience as an educator in the elementary  and high school setting; employed as a teacher, lead counselor, Director of Counseling Services, and  contracted therapist. In each role, Kendra worked diligently to address the vast inequities that  students and families were being presented with. While attending Xavier University to pursue her  Master's Degree, she realized that many of the concerns were beyond the scope of the classroom  setting and wanted to enact change from a holistic perspective.  Currently, Kendra is a Licensed Professional Counselor. She has worked authentically and fervently  to provide mental health support to a diverse clientele, within the settings of private p...

11. Online Grade Portal / Focus School Software

  • As part of the District's goal to ensure effective, equitable, and efficient use of resources, Duval County Public Schools has implemented Focus, ...

  • As part of the District’s goal to ensure effective, equitable, and efficient use of resources, Duval County Public Schools has implemented Focus, a Student Information System. The district’s student information system allows parents to access grades, progress reports and attendance. Focus will serve parents/guardians, students, teachers and administrators. Teachers/Administrators/Students do not have to register. Current district username and password will allow access to Focus. If you are a parent to a DCPS student, then you must also register a separate parent account from your employee account using a personal email address. Parents/Guardians must register for a new Focus account to access student information. Schedules and data for the school year is populated at the start of the school year, historical data is loaded in late August.

12. Technology & Innovation - Caroline County Public School

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  • Technology & Innovation Staff & Student Acceptable Use Form Link Contractor Acceptable Use Form Link Internet Privacy Staff Supervisor –  Joey Robinson Coordinator of Technology Services – Bryan Farmer Coordinator of Virtual Learning & Innovation – Margaret Bryant Administrative Assistant – Terri Harrison

Technology & Innovation - Caroline County Public School

13. Staff List | School for Creative and Performing Arts

  • PowerSchool · Schoology. Login Links ». Naviance · PowerSchool ... College & Career Spec. 363-8164. Burns, Caroline ... (These links take you to the CPS District ...

Caroline (2024)


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