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  • Discord Kitten 101: Everything You Need to Know! (2) Paola Baselica

Here, you'll find all about Discord kittens: we cover what is a Discord kitten, some fun e-kitten servers to join, and tips on how to be a Discord kitten. Keep reading!

Discord Kitten 101: Everything You Need to Know! (3)

In today’s post, we’ll explore what it means to be a Discord kitten, a slang term used by many in Discord that’s grown in popularity over the last few years. You’ll also learn all you need to know on how to be a Discord kitten, and we’ll give you some fun e-kitten servers to join. Let’s dive in!

Discord Kitten Meaning: What Is a Discord Kitten?

A Discord kitten is basically a sugar baby: they usually exchange their companionship for material favors. For example, they ask for Discord Nitro, paid games, or money in exchange for a dating-like relationship within Discord.

Although the term is mainly used to refer to female users, Discord kittens can be persons of any gender. On the other hand, Discord kittens’ counterparts are referred to as Discord daddies.

Discord daddies are usually older, wealthier individuals who are looking for the time and attention of a Discord kitten, and pay them through services or goods. Similarly to Discord kittens, a Discord daddy is usually male, but the term can also refer to people of any gender.

How to Be a Discord Kitten

The first step to becoming a Discord kitten is to craft your persona. This means choosing a visually appealing avatar or PFP, a profile name, and an aesthetic Discord bio (did you know you can add hyperlinks and formatting styles to your bio?). Also, make sure to update your age and birthday if it’s not accurate.

You can also think about how you will communicate and craft your online personality this way, for example, by choosing to use cute emojis such as “<3”, “:3”, and “UwU”.

The next step would be to join a Discord server and look for a Discord daddy. You can choose to join a regular server, however, you’ll have more success chances if you join an e-dating server or something similar. In the next section, we’ll give you some Discord kitten server recommendations for you to join.

Once you are in the server, introduce yourself and finish with something along the lines of “my DMs are open! <3”. Usually, if you craft a nice persona you’ll start receiving DMs from diverse people right away.

Remember that you don’t need to do anything you are not comfortable doing. If someone starts to harass you or bother you in some way, simply move on to the next person or block them.

Also, keep in mind that Discord kitten-daddy relationships are full of scammers. Just be cautious and don’t give personal information until you are completely sure of doing so. You may need to go through many Discord daddies until you find a legitimate one who seriously wants to reward you for giving them attention and time.

Discord Kitten Server Recommendations

If you want to become a Discord kitten, do know that there are many e-kitten servers out there for you to join and start looking for Discord daddies. Let’s review some of them:

1. Kittens Paradise

Members: +112,400

A great server to start meeting people and see how the Discord kittens’ world works.

2. Lust

Members: +92,200

You need to verify you are 18+ to access this server.

3. Kitten

Members: +15,000

There are several matchmaking channels in this server that work with a bot, where people can find kittens according to their preferred location, relationship status, height, and other preferences.

4. Sakura Bar

Members: +12,600

This is mainly a socialization server, but it has a space for Discord kittens.

5. Kitten Mart

Members: +4,000

As the name implies, on this server you can buy and sell services like videos, images, or texting.

6. E-Date

Members: +2,700

This is a dating server to match kittens selling their services to masters looking to buy.

7. Kitty Delight

Members: +2,200

In this server, you’ll find channels like #kitty-intros, #master-intros, #dms-or-ask-to-dm, and #reviews, among many others. You also have a #self-promo channel for promoting your services as a kitten.

8. Selling Server

Members: +2,100

In this server, you can get a “seller” or a “buyer” role and identify others that way. Buyers post their requirements in channels like #lookingfor; and sellers use #selfies, #asktodm, and #nsfw to find buyers.

9. E-Kittens

Members: +1,400

Here, you’ll be able to access a channel category called “Find your kitten”, where you can introduce yourself to potential buyers.

10. Kittens Palace

Members: +700

Besides having channels for kittens and owners to introduce themselves, this server also has channels like #proofs, #buyer-review, #seller-review, and #scam-report, which makes it safer for all members.

Additionally, there are many servers for individual kittens. You could start a Discord server of your own and start growing your community by promoting yourself as a Discord kitten in other servers or Discord directories.

Becoming a Discord kitten is easy and it can be a fun side hustle. To find more Discord servers to join today, check out our directory. There are over 300 Discord communities waiting for you!

Discord Kitten 101: Everything You Need to Know! (4)

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Discord Kitten 101: Everything You Need to Know! (2024)


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