Eldin Ring Boss Guide: How to Beat Tibia Mariner (2024)

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The Tibia Mariner is a recurring boss in Elden Ring. You will find three throughout the Lands Between. The first is most likely to be in Summonwater Village, in East Limgrave. Right before you enter this flooded village, you will likely meet the NPC named D for the first time. He will warn you about the boss to come. Don’t be intimidated by D’s words, the boss is easy to beat if you are patient and win the war of attrition.

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You will want to take on these optional bosses to acquire Deathroot and access to exclusive Spirit Ashes. Once you’ve acquired Deathroot, either somewhere else or as a reward for one of these fights, speak to D at the Roundtable Hold and he will mark on your map where to go to reap more rewards. Trust us, it is worth it.

Where to Find Tibia Mariner in Elden Ring

The Tibia Mariner can be found at these locations, offering the following rewards in addition to runes and Deathroot:

  • Location: Summonwater Village
    • Rewards: Deathroot, Skeletal Militiaman Ashes.

  • Location: Liurnia of the Lakes (southeast of Artist’s Shack)
    • Rewards: Deathroot, Skeletal Bandit Ashes.

  • Location: Wyndham Ruins, near the Catacombs on Mt. Gelmir (map screenshot forthcoming).
    • Reward: Tibia’s Summons

How to Beat Tibia Mariner in Elden Ring

The strategy for the bosses in Limgrave and Liurnia is identical, however, the Tibia Mariner in Wyndham Ruins has more health. They also drop a greater amount of Runes when they die, so your extra hard work is worth the effort.

Tibia Mariner is a spectral skeleton who rides around in a boat. They periodically teleport to another part of the arena. They will also continually summon skeleton allies from the nearby area, and these regular enemies are a constant in these battles. These arenas are all expansive stages where you can be easily overwhelmed, so it’s best practice to stay on your horse for each boss fight.

Tibia Mariner’s Attacks

Tibia Mariner’s attacks are slow, easy to avoid, and, for the most part, not very damaging. But you aren’t fighting in a vacuum. You will want to avoid all the skeleton enemies and prioritize not getting overrun, damaging the Mariner when you have a brief opportunity of time. Don’t try to wipe enemies before turning your attention to the boss. Tibia Mariner teleports too frequently to make that strategy efficient. With patience, you can punish the boss without having to worth about dying.

Tibia Mariner Attack 1: Teleport

This isn’t an attack so much as a move. The teleport will leave the Tibia Mariner vulnerable for a few seconds. Make sure to get in your hits even if they are disappearing, and then find a path to safety before searching for the next location in the arena where the Mariner will have spawned.

Tibia Mariner Attack 2: Horn Attack

This is the most basic of Tibia Mariner’s attacks. They will attack with their horn, slowly swiping on either or both the left and right sides of the boat. This is an opportunity to get up close on the opposite side and get in two or three hits on the boss.

Tibia Mariner Attack 3: Boat Slam

The Tibia Mariner’s boat slam can do a good deal of damage, and it has very good tracking. If you die from this boss, it’s likely from this attack. So just run away when you see the Mariner raising the bow of the boat, you don’t want to be anywhere near them when the raft slams down.

Tibia Mariner Attack 4: Summon Wave

The most deadly attack the boss does is also your most useful tool for dealing with the mobs of undead warriors. When Tibia Mariner charges up a green symbol, they will raise it up and smash the boat down, creating a wave that does massive AoE damage. This is a long animation, so it is easy to back off when it starts.

If you are playing this fight as we’ve instructed, many of the weaker foes will have gathered around and will all be killed by this attack. Just make way and let Tibia Mariner do all the work for you. Then, you’ll have a large window to get some hits in before the next move begins. Run away and let them be crushed.

Tibia Mariner Attack 5: Summon Skeleton [Wyndham Ruins Mariner]

The final Tibia Mariner you are likely to encounter is in Wyndham Ruins, east of Atlas Plateau, extremely far north on the Elden Ring map. In addition to its regular moveset and an army of skeleton warriors, this Tibia Mariner also summons a giant skeleton phantom that will periodically appear out of the lake.

It can swipe at you and will also shoot an energy beam from its head. Both are the most deadly attacks you can fall victim to during this fight so make sure to prioritize avoiding this skeleton at all costs.

And that’s how to beat Tibia Mariner in Elden Ring. Spirit Summonscan be an extreme help in these mob fights. The Tibia Mariners aren’t too strong by themselves, but it’s easy to get overwhelmed and lose track of when to heal. Make sure you know how to upgrade your Spirit Ashes before taking on the later game Tibia Mariner boss fights. Head on over to our Elden Ring guides hub for any other guides on the massive open-world RPG.

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Eldin Ring Boss Guide: How to Beat Tibia Mariner (2024)


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