How to beat the Tibia Mariner in Elden Ring (2024)

How to defeat the Summonwater Village boss.

Tibia Mariner is a boss encountered in the open world of Elden Ring.

While out exploring the open world of Limgrave, you can encounter the Tibia Mariner in Summonwater Village at a time entirely of your choosing.

It's worth mentioning that, like a multitude of other bosses found throughout the overworld of Limgrave, the Tibia Mariner is entirely optional. That doesn't mean it isn't going to put up one hell of a fight, however, especially with the aid of spectral minions.

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How to prepare for Tibia Mariner

Preparing for the Tibia Mariner boss fight is fairly simple. Firstly, as always when going up against any boss character in a FromSoftware game, make sure your healing items (in this case your Flask) are stocked up to the max, because this fight is one that's likely going to be drawn out over potentially tens of minutes.

There is a Site of Grace, Summonwater Village Outskirts, just to the south of the village where you can do this.

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Secondly, make sure you aren't weighed down by any heavy armour. The battle against the Tibia Mariner involves a lot of running around, especially when you need to quickly retreat from a wide-ranging area attack from the boss, so make sure you aren't wearing any armour that's going to deliberately slow you down and negatively impact your movement speed.

Tibia Mariner tips: How to beat Tibia Mariner

The Tibia Mariner can be a particularly tricky boss to deal with. For one, this foe continually summons skeleton warriors to protect itself from you, which can come equipped with either spears or crossbows.

The Tibia Mariner battle is really a war of attrition and one that'll test your patience when dealing with the skeletal warriors.

In truth, we'd recommend not making a deliberate effort to slay every skeleton. For one, there are a fair few of them to deal with, and once they're actually dead, you'll have to hit them once more when they begin glowing white to stop them from resurrecting.

How to beat the Tibia Mariner in Elden Ring (5)

Secondly, the Tibia Mariner can easily summon three skeletons at a time, so you might well fell two of them, only to turn around and find that three more have popped up in their place.

The Tibia Mariner themselves actually has a few deadly attacks. For one, the boss will raise the front end of the boat slightly, and this is your prompt to get the hell away from the front of the it, because in a few seconds, it's going to come slamming down as the Tibia Mariner moves forward across the water.

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There's also an attack where the Tibia Mariner will make the water around them glow a light purple. Again, back away from this attack, because it can deal a lot of damage to you if you're caught in the blast.

However, the Tibia Mariner's skeletal soldiers can also be harmed by this attack, so it's actually really good for clearing the way of a few of them.

How to beat the Tibia Mariner in Elden Ring (7)

You'll also want to back off from the Tibia Mariner when it raises its weird oar above its head. Again, this is another area-of-effect attack, one that'll turn the water surrounding the Mariner bright green.

If you're starting to notice a pattern of area-based attacks from the Tibia Mariner, then you're absolutely on the right path, because that's most of what this boss fight is, while dodging skeletons.

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The overall strategy, then, is to ignore the skeletons as best you can, attack the boat while avoiding its attacks, and repeat. It will require some patience and luck with where skeletons spawn and move to, but keep mobile and aware of your surroundings to survive the fight.

Tibia Mariner reward

For defeating the Tibia Mariner, you'll gain three things: 2,400 Runes, Skeletal Militiaman Ashes, and a Deathroot.

The Skeletal Militiaman Ashes is a summoning item in Elden Ring, one that can be used at any point while you're not already in a co-op session to summon two warriors that'll temporarily fight for you.

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As for the Deathroot, they can be found in the 'Key Items' set of your inventory, because they're an essential item that you'll be able to exchange with Beast Clergymen in the future. You'll learn more about this when you first reach the Roundtable Hold...

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How to beat the Tibia Mariner in Elden Ring (2024)


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