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Alonzo Galvez

28 | Straight | Arizona

Hispanic/Latino American | Other

Hey there! I'm Alonzo Galvez, a 28-year-old currently serving time in an Arizona correctional facility.

Life behind bars can get pretty lonely, which is why I'm reaching out to find a pen pal who's open to brightening up my days with some conversation and connection. Growing up in Arizona, I've always had a knack for languages, and being bilingual in English and Spanish has been a big…

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Michael Jones

41 | Straight | Florida

White | Christian

I'm Michael. I'm 6'1", 225 lbs, and 41 years old. I'm serving a life sentence in Florida for first-degree murder. I'm a Georgia boy but well-traveled. In my former life, I was a successful finance/tax lawyer. T

hat being said, I may have found success in many areas, but overall, I was a terrible person. After a decade behind bars, I've repented for my wrongs, sobered up, and become what…

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Deyundrea Holmes

45 | Straight | Nevada

Black/African American | Christian

I'm one who believes that common interests and familiar grounds are a great place to build an empire for an impeccable friendship.

With that being said, I'm looking for someone who mirrors my character. I value friendship and I place loyalty above or in high regard. I truly want to explore the unique beauty of your precious mind and I assure you that you will be overwhelmingly…

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Daryl Curtis

43 | Straight | Minnesota

Other | Other

I'm Daryl, but I go by Bomoni, one of my middle names. I've been walking this path alone for a while and have recently found new hope for a future outside of here one day soon, so I'm excited to see who I can share my preparation for that reality with.

My motivation is my biggest asset. So, I'm here to meet the light that's going to brighten my journey. I spend my days building on the…

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Perry Bradley

68 | Straight | Michigan

Black/African American | Christian

Thank you for taking the time to read my profile. My name is Perry Bradley. I am sixty-eight years old, 6'0", 212 lbs. I am currently serving time for first-degree felony murder. I have been incarcerated for 40 years.

I have learned that when you can appreciate what your past has to teach you, without defining yourself solely in terms of your past actions and personal history, you will…

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Victor Black

51 | Straight | Texas

Black/African American | Baptist

My name is Victor, and I currently live in Navasota, Texas. I am an outgoing man who loves to laugh. I am hoping to find someone I can write to and enjoy a good conversation with; we can be each other's gift of hope and friendship over our struggles, stresses, achievements, and failures. I'm very honest and have a big heart. I have a great personality and a great sense of humor; I like to make…

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Dontre Hodges

23 | Straight | Illinois

Black/African American | Muslim

Let me start off by saying my name is Don'tre. I am 23 years old and from Kankakee, IL. I have a wonderful smile, love to write, and listen to music. My favorite colors are green and black.

I am in search of a friendship, someone who's willing to get to know me, and also willing to let me get to know you as a person. Yes, I was young when I caught my case. I have had time to learn from…

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Khai Truong

47 | Straight | Texas

Asian American | Spiritual

Asian Persuasion searching for a Beautiful Plus-Size Woman over 35.

Okay, just kidding about the persuasion part! But I'm not the average Asian guy. I'm 47 years old, 6'1", 210 lbs. I have black hair and brown eyes, an athletic build with tattoos. I'm full of energy, down to earth, open-minded, and always positive. Life is my love, and long conversations full of sharing thoughts,…

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James Brekke

30 | Straight | Illinois

White | Christian

Hello, my name is James, but people call me Cole (middle name). I made this profile in hopes of finding someone new. I'm 30 years old, 5'10" tall, and 215 lbs. I consider myself to be a standup guy.

I believe that you'll get what you put into this world; treat people the way you want to be treated. I'm an outdoors person. I like to do things like fishing, trail riding, just being…

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Christopher Eicholzer

41 | Straight | California

Other | Catholic

How are you doing, ladies? My name is Christopher. I am from New York City, born and raised. I am 41 years old but look like I'm in my 20s still. I am 6'2" tall, 210 lbs. I'm in San Diego fighting a case for threatening. I am of Italian, Irish, and German descent. I like to read books and work out a few times a week to pass the time in my cell.

I am looking for someone to write to and…

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Allan Arce

20 | Straight | Texas

Hispanic/Latino American

He/Him 20

I'd love to talk about trending video games and music! (DBD, FPS, lo-fi music, instrumental-only songs).

I just moved to Texas recently, and I've had a great time. I've visited great cities like Denton, Plano, Dallas, Frisco, and Garland. I like to go shopping at malls; my favorite stores are Hot Topic and Spencer's. I have many experiences to share, and I'd love to…

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Jason Twiley

32 | Straight | Ohio

Black/African American | Other


I'm Jason. It's nice to hopefully hear from you. I'm looking for friendship, conversation, and maybe something more. I'm a cool person who may have made some mistakes but is loyal and a great friend. I'm pursuing personal growth and peace. Please get with me if you have the time. I would greatly appreciate your company.

Get with me on the messaging app.

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Michael Arellano

32 | Straight | Nebraska

Hispanic/Latino American

I am looking to meet new people as I continue through my journey, hopefully leading to new lasting relationships.

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Topaz Johnson

29 | Straight | California

Black/African American

My name is Topaz. I'm looking to have good conversations and a good vibe with someone to laugh and grow with on this journey called life. I like listening to music and writing music. I also enjoy reading; my favorite authors are Dale Carnegie and Josh Kruger. You can reach me on the messaging app.

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Montrell Spencer

30 | Straight | Illinois

Black/African American


My name is Montrell. I'm an East Saint Louis brother, from the city of kings. I'm a dedicated, determined, passionate, ambitious, and creative person. I spend most of my time working out, reading, writing, and listening to music. I enjoy laughing and having fun. I strive to make the best out of every situation. We only live once; it is important to maximize our experience, and…

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Conrell Bolden

50 | Straight | Ohio

Black/African American | Christian

My name is Conrell Bolden. I’m looking for friends to correspond with and to meet people who can help me establish myself upon release. I hold two college degrees, one in social services and one in business. I’m currently a program facilitator. For 28 years, I have been committed to personal growth and development.

Upon release, I hope to work in the field of recovery services. I like…

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Jamar Scribner

41 | Straight | Maryland

Black/African American

Please stand by. hasn't received my profile yet. My profile will hopefully arrive soon and be posted shortly, but you don’t need to wait for it in order to write to me. Please consider sending me a message now using one of the contact options below.

Thank you!

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Jeury Marte

27 | Straight | New York

Hispanic/Latino American | Catholic

I’m 27 years old. I'm a kind-hearted Hispanic man who is very respectful. I enjoy intellectual conversations. I'm open to learning new things, a good listener, and I give good advice as well. I'm strong-minded, independent, and well-educated. I'm currently unable to respond by email, but I can receive written letters. Please provide a photo.

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Jose Rauda

36 | Straight | California

Hispanic/Latino American

Hey, my name is Jose! I am looking for a best friend and life partner—a wife. I think each and every female is beautiful in her own way.

I am 5'8" in height and 156 pounds. I work out 5 days a week. I was born in Los Angeles. My parents are of Salvadoran descent. I have tattoos all over my face, head, and body. I love to laugh and joke around, but I am very straightforward.

So if…

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Rashad Harper

33 | Straight | California

Black/African American | Wiccan

To The Beautiful & Exotic Divinity who's reading this,

I'd love to say thank you for blessing me with your most precious and valuable time out of your divine day. It's truly an honor, Goddess!


My name is RA$HAD, but my alias is $NOOP. I'm a 34-year-young father of a teenage boy who is my world! I'm also the son of a 76-year-young mother who I love to…

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Newest Inmate Profiles on (2024)


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