News, Rumors and Opinions Saturday AM 12-10-2022 — Dinar Recaps (2024)

RV Excerpts and Rumors From the Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of Sat. 10 Dec. 2022

Compiled Sat. 10 Dec. 2022 12:01am EST by Judy Byington

Global Currency Reset:

All 29 countries in the first basket have their new rates in position.

On Mon. 5 Dec. the Central Bank of Iraq said they began lowering the value of the Iraqi Dinar to the US Dollar. They were de-pegging – and preparing the Dinar to float.

On Wed. 7 Dec. the Iraqi banks said that the Iraqi Dinar was about to be activated for the public sector (us).

As of Thurs. 8 Dec. the Iraqi Dinar was said to be floating in value on the Forex as part of it’s revaluation. That float could only be seen on the back screens of banks. When it became public, it would be published here: 1,000,000 IQD to USD – Iraqi Dinars to US Dollars Exchange Rate (

Also on Thurs. 8 Dec. monies of the Global Currency began flowing into accounts.

Anywhere from Sat. 10 Dec. to Tues. 13 Dec. Bond Holder, Sovereign Buyers, CMKX Adjudicated Settlements, Farm Claims, Tiers 3,4 and the General Public were expecting to have access to those funds.

On Tues. 13 Dec. funds of the Dubai 2 payout would begin flowing to Master Mega and VIP accounts.

Under specific guidelines, now large files of cut and uncut USD was being accepted worldwide. …A High Up Source

White Hat Intel 9 Dec. 2022:

The COLLAPSE of Banks through EU. MIDDLE EAST. SOUTH AMERICA. CANADA. UK AUSTRALIA UNITED STATES is going to happen, is happening and began last year.


The DEEP STATE is in PANIC AS [they] try to protect FTX[EXPOSURE] and the COMING COLLAPSE

The Federal Reserve WILL now go after FULL control over U.S. DIGITAL CURRENCY and Try to hide the EXPOSURE of the COLLAPSE AND MONEY LAUNDERING SYSTEMS.

Deep State in U.S. is going to create full AUTHORITARIAN money control by implanting CENTRAL BANKING DIGITAL CURRENCY CBDC, but this operation WILL COLLAPSE in the first run and EXPOSE FULL CORRUPTION OF THE DEEP STATE SHADOW GOVERNMENT.

Several congressman and senators …..Cruz , Cotton, Paul including the richest man in the U S are ALL going to EXPOSE the CBDC SYSTEM.

Read full post here:


Courtesy of Dinar Guru

Frank26 [Iraq boots-on-the-ground report] FIREFLY: Many of the new features on the ATM machines that are still offline and been offline will soon be available...we can still use the ATMs now for regular use but the updated features will soon be available to all citizens. FRANK: 'Mechanisms'...the ATM machines are slowly being introduced to you so that it doesn't become a shock the moment they raise the value.

Sunkissed Article: "Al-Sudani meets Al-Sisi and affirms Iraq's keenness to maintain relations with its Arab and regional milieu:" How can a country be a pioneer when they’re dependent upon another country’s currency because their currency is worthless? We all know that would be ridiculous! ...Iraq is telling us exactly what they are doing here. Getting investment promises so that the moment they go article 8, these agreements go live so the international monetary process succeeds! This article should give everyone the assurance that Iraq is serious and on the threshold to ACTIVATE everything they have put in place and set in motion.



Henig: An accused, who stole half a billion dinars in coordination with a foreign worker, arrested

Baghdad / NINA /- The Baghdad Al-Karkh Police Command announced today, Friday, the arrest of an accused who stole half a billion Iraqi dinars with a foreign worker.

The command said in a statement, "Based on accurate information available to the tactical regiment at the Baghdad Police Command, Karkh, about the presence of a wanted suspect in accordance with the provisions of Article 446, with a foreign worker who stole a sum of money of 500 million Iraqi dinars."

The statement added; The Karkh police commander, Brigadier General Muhammad Rashid Salih, directed to form a specialized work team headed by the director of the Karkh emergency regiments, and directed the need to check the information. then the work team was able to arrest the accused and hand him over to the requesting party to take the necessary legal measures against him in accordance with the law. LINK

The price of angering Saudi Arabia! OPEC supports RMB to replace petrodollar agreement!

Deepin Moments: 12-10-2022

"If you control the oil, you control all the world economy; if you control the currency, you control the whole world."

Dr. Henry Kissinger, former U.S. Secretary of State, once broke the core logic of the U.S. using the petrodollar advantage to easily profit globally for more than half a century after the U.S. signed the petrodollar agreement with Saudi Arabia in 1974 and the U.S. dollar became the currency for global commodities trading, including oil.

Today, however, as the world's economic and trade landscape changes, the value of the petrodollar continues to erode and the logic of access to the U.S. economy is drifting away.

News, Rumors and Opinions Saturday AM  12-10-2022 — Dinar   Recaps (2024)


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