Tested: The Best Digital Watches for Men (2024)

Digital watches indeed swept over the wristwear industry like wildfire upon their release, garnering intense adoration for their cutting-edge silhouettes, technical dials, and other interesting additions. But, like their mechanical predecessors, they too would falter, fizzle, and take a back seat to new, emerging technologies. Throughout the years, they’ve made somewhat of a steady comeback; especially within social circles and collector’s groups that vie for nostalgic, vintage timepieces. However, that doesn’t mean that there are contemporary models that haven’t adopted the digitized look. Below, we’ve aggregated some modern-day variants that are either homages or revisions of past models, as well as a handful of new-and-improved timekeepers that have been inspired by their predecessors. So slap on some ’80s music and lace up — we’re getting ready for a night on the town with our favorite digital watches for men.

Best Digital Watches Rundown

Article Overview

  • Best Digital Watches Rundown
    • How We Tested
    • Video Guide: The Best Digital Watches For Men
    • What to Look for
    • Casio F91W-1
    • Casio AE1200WH-1A
    • Timex T80
    • Armitron Griffy
    • G-SHOCK DW5600E-1V
    • Huckberry x TIMEX IRONMAN Flix Reissue
    • Yema LED
    • Bulova Computron
    • Autodromo Group C Chronograph
    • Hamilton PSR Digital Quartz
    • OMEGA Speedmaster Skywalker X‑33
    • What Is a Digital Watch?
    • Benefits of Digital Over Analog Watches
    • Are Digital Watches the Same as Smartwatches?
    • The Best Solar-Powered Watches
Tested: The Best Digital Watches for Men (6)

How We Tested

Analog and mechanical watches have had their day. They’ve laid the groundwork for forthcoming options, they’ve been adorned by the most notable individuals, and they’ve helped to usher in the new era of timekeepers for the next-gen wearer. As times began to change, wearers beckoned manufacturers to create something a bit more “futuristic” — to adorn their watch faces in blocked numbering, lettering, and illumination. Thus, the age of digital was born. Today, digital watches are making a big comeback thanks to nostalgia and a heightened sense of utility; they’re stylish yet affordable timepieces that give you the time at a glance. That said, there are a lot of options available and it can get hard to sift through the noise.

For our guide, we wanted to get hands-on with the best digital watches available. For starters, we took a look at the current landscape and tapped into our own expertise of the most renowned and popular models out right now. We then made a short list of watches we thought could make the cut and tested them against an array of criteria, including aesthetic, function, fit, durability, battery life, and price. From there, we spent some time with each timepiece to see how comfortable each one was and came up with the list you see before you. You’ll see how it looks on-wrist below; our tester has a wrist size of around 7.75″, so keep that in mind. The entire process took a couple of weeks but we’re happy to present you with our favorites.

Video Guide: The Best Digital Watches For Men

Photos can only tell so much of the story, so we’ve highlighted the best digital watches in our 4k video review.

What to Look for

Durability: Like analog watches, the cases on digital watches can be made from stainless steel, titanium, and ceramic, but also often utilize a strong resin material that may increase the drop resistance. Because nothing is actually moving inside these non-mechanical timepieces, they’re relatively more resilient to shocks.

Battery Life: A battery on a digital watch can last upwards of 10 years at a time, which, as stated above, is an inherent benefit over analog. However, if the watch uses a standard battery instead of quartz, that longevity can be much less.

Appearance: This may be the only factor you look at when picking a digital watch, and for good reason. How a timepiece looks on our person can make us overlook any other issues it may possess. This will be up to personal preference but there are some excellent options available.

Features: Digital watches can be great for their features, which can often be added without much increase in the price tag. While certain models will be time-only, others may have a chronograph, alarms, time zones, and more.

Casio F91W-1

Tested: The Best Digital Watches for Men (7)
  • Impossibly inexpensive
  • A great G-SHOCK alternative
  • Lots of features
  • 7 years of battery life
  • Wears small
  • Material feels cheap

Best Cheap Digital Watch: One of the undeniable benefits of collecting digital watches is that they’re so darn inexpensive. However, with this current wave of ‘80s and ’90s nostalgia, brands have understandably taken advantage. Some options, as you’ll see, are over a grand. But no need to fear; you can always count on Casio to bring you formidable timepieces that won’t cost you more than a month’s cable bill. And as for the F91W, it won’t be more than just a few cups of coffee.

Tested: The Best Digital Watches for Men (8)

Continuously in production since 1989, the F91W was Casio’s way of making their own version of the 5600 from their sublabel, G-SHOCK, which was released just a few years prior. This piece has been well used throughout the years, and for good reason. We love its accessible 35.2mm case size, 7 years of battery life, and plethora of features, including a stopwatch, hourly alarms, an automatic calendar, 12/24 hour time formats, and a built-in LED.

Tested: The Best Digital Watches for Men (9)

Diameter: 35.2mm
Case Material: Resin
Water Resistance: 30m

Casio AE1200WH-1A

Tested: The Best Digital Watches for Men (10)
  • 10 years of battery life
  • Features a world time map with 31 time zones
  • Capable of setting 5 alarms
  • Stopwatch/timer features
  • Aggressive retro aesthetic is still fairly accessible
  • Busy dial

Best World Timer: One of the benefits of digital watches over their mechanical counterparts is the significantly reduced price. We’re talking a few hundred bucks over thousands (or tens of thousands) of dollars. However, if you’re looking for even more of a price reduction, look to some of Casio’s latest retro-style models, including this multi-function digital piece, which features a stopwatch/timer, a world time map, five alarms, 10 years of battery life, a bright LED illumination, and 100m of water resistance — and at just $30! There’s even a stainless steel version at the same price point.

Tested: The Best Digital Watches for Men (11)

Housed in the black resin case, you’ll notice each function is displayed across several different screens, most notably the world time map, which is capable of cycling through 31 different time zones across the globe. We love how the watch feels on our wrist, with the 39.5mm case size feeling much smaller and lighter than it would seem. As a blast from the past, the Casio World Time feels straight out of the ’80s in a way that most retro revivals can only hope to achieve, for better or worse.

Tested: The Best Digital Watches for Men (12)

Diameter: 39.5mm
Case Material: Resin
Water Resistance: 100m

Timex T80

Tested: The Best Digital Watches for Men (13)
  • Bracelet expands to fit most wrist sizes
  • Not too aggressive with its retro homage
  • High perceived value
  • Versatile in wearability
  • Small

Best Retro-Style Watch: Digital watches have a long history, meaning that many of the modern and contemporary variants that we know today had to come from somewhere. If you’re looking for a definitive “retro” model, check out the T80 from Timex, which was inspired by the brand’s very first digital watches from the ’70s and ’80s. Available in black, steel, and gold, the T80 features a matching expansion band that’s easy to take on and off. 34mm in diameter, the timepiece features an alarm function, a calendar display, and 30m of water resistance.

Tested: The Best Digital Watches for Men (14)

Although there are a lot of digital timepieces with one foot in the past, the Timex T80 has an accessibility to it that most retro watches may not have. Despite the low price tag, the T80 still has a great deal of perceived value and you could reasonably get by wearing it to less casual functions, compared to something like the F91W above, which may be more reserved for relaxed or everyday scenarios. We loved the options available for the strap, especially the stainless steel unit that stretches to fit your wrist without needing adjustment.

Tested: The Best Digital Watches for Men (15)

Diameter: 34mm
Case Material: Stainless steel
Water Resistance: 30m

Armitron Griffy

Tested: The Best Digital Watches for Men (16)
  • Great minimalist appearance
  • Retro style at an affordable price
  • Wears larger than 34mm diameter
  • Bracelet feels flimsy and clasp could be more secure
  • The large display style may not be for some wearers

Best PSR Alternative: While a Hamilton PSR will cost you upwards of $1,000, the Armitron can be yours for just $70. Of course, the Griffy doesn’t have the pedigree or the prestige as the legendary Hamilton timepiece –– nor does it possess the build quality –– but it certainly echoes its competitor in style and minimalism. An updated version of the brand’s ’70s-era model, the Griffey reissue enlarges its numerals and swaps the LCD for LED.

Tested: The Best Digital Watches for Men (17)

In terms of size, the 34mm stainless steel case wears much larger than that thanks to the integrated bracelet. Function-wise, the watch features two side buttons, one of which turns on the time when the screen is blank. Pressing it a second time activates a calendar feature. The second button is used to set the time. We loved the plethora of case finish options and versatility. However, the bracelet feels flimsy and the clasp isn’t as secure as we’d hoped for. Nonetheless, this is a fantastic watch if you’re going for the OG aesthetic and don’t want to pay hundreds of dollars.

Tested: The Best Digital Watches for Men (18)

Diameter: 34mm
Case Material: Stainless steel
Water Resistance: 50m


Tested: The Best Digital Watches for Men (19)
  • 200m of water resistance
  • Timeless aesthetic
  • User-friendly features
  • 10 years of battery life
  • Incredibly durable
  • N/A

Best Overall: If you want to purchase the definitive paragon of the digital watch, look no further than G-SHOCK — more specifically, the 5600 Series, an updated version of the brand’s first-ever timepiece from 1983. Sporting all the staples from the Casio sub-label, including 200m of water resistance, the easy-to-read display, and the user-friendly stopwatch/timer features, this DW5600E has a timeless aesthetic that transcends the very idea of retro reissue. G-SHOCKs seem to live forever (that’s not to mention the 10-year battery life) and this quintessential reference is proof.

Tested: The Best Digital Watches for Men (20)

Aside from the timeless appearance, the 5600 is possibly the most indestructible watch on the planet. Likewise, we’re big fans of how reliable the watch is as a whole, with its accurate time-telling thanks to its quartz movement which automatically synchronizes to a time code transmitted by a radio transmitter, as well as its Tough Solar, using not just the sun’s power for charging but certain man-made light as well. Like many G-SHOCKs, this piece wears much smaller than its larger size, while the black coat looks slimmer to the eye than a metal case version might be.

Tested: The Best Digital Watches for Men (21)

Diameter: 42.8mm
Case Material: Resin
Water Resistance: 200m

Huckberry x TIMEX IRONMAN Flix Reissue

Tested: The Best Digital Watches for Men (22)
  • Faithful recreation of original
  • Features Lap Memory function
  • Features a 10-item memo pad
  • Extremely durable
  • May be too large for some
  • No Bluetooth connectivity or GPS

Best Performance Watch: First released in 1999, Timex’s IRONMAN Flix has become a favorite for endurance athletes, outdoorsmen, and first responders alike. Now, online retail curator Huckberry has partnered with the watch brand to bring back the Flix in one of the most faithful recreations possible. Housed inside of its 44mm resin case with 100m of water resistance is a display that favors legibility so you don’t have to stare at your wrist to figure out the time. Other returning features are the 5 alarms, countdown timer, 10-item memo pad, INDIGLO Night-Light illuminator, and a hands-free illumination option when you raise your arm. The only thing that’s changed here is the Lap Memory, which has increased from 30 to 100.

Tested: The Best Digital Watches for Men (23)

The IRONMAN Flix is staunchly purist in its tenets, foregoing many smart features in favor of a very ’90s functionality. There are no GPS or Bluetooth capabilities. As such, the features it does possess are fairly straightforward to use, at least once you get the hang of it, with 6 tangible buttons that activate its various capabilities.

Tested: The Best Digital Watches for Men (24)

Diameter: 44mm
Case Material: Resin
Water Resistance: 100m

Yema LED

Tested: The Best Digital Watches for Men (25)
  • Recreates Yema’s ’70s/’80s model
  • Unique appearance makes this standout amongst other digital watches
  • Comfortable on wrist
  • Rugged
  • Simple in function

Best Dress-Style Watch: Retro reissues are not just a fun conversation starter but can be a way to connect you to a previous era, whether you lived through it or now. However, most digital watches might look out of place in dressier settings. And while we don’t recommend sporting the Yema LED for every dinner date, it’s certainly a solid option when the line is more blurred. Born out of the quartz crisis and subsequent digital watch craze in the ’70s and ’80s, this timepiece from the French watchmaker was revived just a few years back.

Tested: The Best Digital Watches for Men (26)

Like the best digital watches, the Yema LED is never boring to look at. On the contrary. Despite its simplicity and time-date function, the piece is instantly striking because of its octagonal shape, a screen that extends to the edges of the face, and overall retro-futuristic aesthetic. At 37.5mm in diameter, the watch is comfortable and slim but still has a noticeable wrist presence that wears slightly larger due to its integrated-esque bracelet.

Tested: The Best Digital Watches for Men (27)

Diameter: 37.5mm
Case Material: 316L stainless steel
Water Resistance: 100m

Bulova Computron

Tested: The Best Digital Watches for Men (28)
  • Great retro aesthetic
  • You can look at the time without taking hand off steering wheel
  • Draws attention to wrist
  • Polished finish differs from brushed finish of original, and is a little aggressive

Best Driving Watch: Bulova’s Computron is one of the most abnormal watches on our list, but it’s earned its rightful place due to originality, retro commitment, and sleek design. Based on the 1976 original, it adopts a unique trapezoidal, stainless steel case, and expands its allure with the implementation of an eye-catching blue LED display, day/date window, and dual timezone capabilities. To keep the watch’s overall character cohesive and true, it’s rounded out by a well-coordinated stainless steel bracelet, calling upon a vintage-styled fold-over clasp closure and linkage to give it an appeal all its own.

Tested: The Best Digital Watches for Men (29)

Perfect for driving due to an edge display that allows you to see the time without taking your hands off the steering wheel, the Computron’s utility matches its striking appearance. While it’s available in three colors, the gold- and silver-colored options will really catch people’s attention. However, our one complaint is that the current reissues use a polished finish as opposed to the horizontal brushing of the originals, which may bring a bit more maturity to the overall aesthetic.

Tested: The Best Digital Watches for Men (30)

Diameter: 31mm
Case Material: Stainless steel
Water Resistance: 30m

Autodromo Group C Chronograph

Tested: The Best Digital Watches for Men (31)
  • Attractive colorway options
  • Streamlined design is easy to read
  • Features a chronograph function
  • Great for small watch fans
  • Only 30m water resistance
  • Pricey

Best for Car Enthusiasts: Watches and cars share a close bond, and when it comes to auto timepieces, there’s no better option than the chronograph. However, most chronograph options available are of the mechanical variety. Autodromo, a brand renowned for its assertive homages to the heyday of car racing in the ‘50s and ‘60s, has recently unveiled its first-ever digital watch range with the Group C Chronograph. Inspired by the namesake FIA race that went caput after the 1993 season, Autodromo has outfitted its quintet of 36mm steel timepieces in a sleek design language and colors similar to Group C icons of the era.

Tested: The Best Digital Watches for Men (32)

Unlike other watches on this list, the Group C is not a reissue or reproduction. Rather, it’s a solely original timepiece inspired by a time gone by and an entire culture that doesn’t exist anymore. The four buttons on the sides of the case are incredibly straightforward when activating features such as its backlight or its chronograph functions. Unfortunately, the plethora of buttons means more points for water to get inside. As such, the Group C only has a depth rating of 30m, but treat that as “splash-resistant.” Still, at a mere 36mm, this piece wears accurately and will be a popular choice for fans of small watches.

Tested: The Best Digital Watches for Men (33)

Diameter: 36mm
Case Material: Stainless steel
Water Resistance: 30m

Hamilton PSR Digital Quartz

Tested: The Best Digital Watches for Men (34)
  • Recreates the very first digital watch
  • Very aggressive in its retro homage
  • 100m of water resistance
  • Pricey
  • Screw pins should be in all bracelet links

Best Vintage Reissue: The digital watch world has every reason to thank Hamilton for releasing the Pulsar back in 1972, which became the first-ever timepiece with a digital display brought to market. Today, the Pulsar name is owned by Seiko and the watches mostly sport analog displays, but the PSR Digital Quartz model has been assigned to take direct inspiration from the godfather of digital watches. Minimalist in its time-only design, the PSR is 40.8mm in width, features a hybrid LCD/OLED digital display, and has a decidedly retro aesthetic, even if it won’t be as accessible as some other options on this list. However, the significance of the model it represents is great enough that it earns a spot on our list.

Tested: The Best Digital Watches for Men (35)

Priced a little steep at over a grand, especially considering the 5-year lifespan, the PSR still attempts to rectify its battery-sucking LED screen by creating a function that keeps it at a low brightness until becoming brighter with the push of a button. Our biggest complaint is the lack of screw pins in the bracelet links; they’re only present in the end links. Also, the PSR swaps the “Pulsar” name on the bottom of the original’s case for the “Hamilton” brand name, which may irritate some fans of the ’70s watch.

Tested: The Best Digital Watches for Men (36)

Diameter: 40.8mm
Case Material: Stainless steel
Water Resistance: 100m

OMEGA Speedmaster Skywalker X‑33

Tested: The Best Digital Watches for Men (37)
  • Tells time in both analog and digital simultaneously
  • Titanium case has beautiful finishing
  • Display features chronograph function, 3 time zones, and a perpetual calendar
  • Expensive
  • Only 30m water resistance

Best Analog/Digital Hybrid: When people think of OMEGA, they may recall the iconic divers and chronographs that helped change the game decades ago, and which are traditionally operated by mechanical movements. However, one of the Swiss brand’s most notable references is the Speedmaster Skywalker X-33, a quartz-powered chronograph that’s part of the Instruments line and housed in a 45mm grade 2 titanium case. Sporting the time in an analog display, the watch then has the capability of displaying the time digitally underneath. However, the watch also features a display for the chronograph function, three different time zones, and a perpetual calendar.

Tested: The Best Digital Watches for Men (38)

Similar to the Breitling Aerospace EVO, the Skywalker X-33 was developed for aerospace use, meeting the needs of astronauts as they launch into orbit. Being the first watch worn on the Moon, OMEGA has close ties with the U.S. Space Program and knows a thing or two about the requirements of space travel. Despite the steep price tag, the timepiece is every bit as masterfully constructed as you would expect from OMEGA. We love how the titanium is finished on the case, while the bidirectional bezel is a definite standout with matted color that plays nicely against the rest of the watch. Likewise, the buttons have a nice click to them that only adds to the tangible experience. The only drawback? 30m of water resistance makes this one of the lowest from the dive masters themselves.

Tested: The Best Digital Watches for Men (39)

Diameter: 45mm
Case Material: Grade 2 titanium
Water Resistance: 30m

What Is a Digital Watch?

Technically, any watch that displays the time as digital numbers rather than with traditional hands (also known as “analog”) can be considered a digital watch. And then there’s the term digital in reference to the technology used. In other words, digital watches use quartz or Lithium-ion batteries for power rather than mechanical movements.

Benefits of Digital Over Analog Watches

Hardcore watch enthusiasts may scoff at the idea of wearing a digital watch over an analog one. After all, analog watches are typically mechanical marvels; tiny accomplishments of science that can be exhibited on your wrist. However, there’s the matter of both cost and style that may have you leaning toward digital. For one, there are many digital watches that can be obtained for well under $100, with most of them coming in under $1,000. Digital timepieces also feature different styles than analog. They tend to be more retro in spirit, reminiscent of the very first timepieces we had in our youth.

Are Digital Watches the Same as Smartwatches?

The first thing you may be looking for in this guide is a quality smartwatch to buy. However, it must be noted that while smartwatches are technically digital watches, they’re not referred to as such in parlance. Smartwatches typically do much more than just tell time and are essentially just a smartphone for your wrist. The digital watches in this guide are time-tellers first and foremost, perhaps with one or two more functions related to telling time, such as alarms or a chronograph.

The Best Solar-Powered Watches

Want a timepiece with digital appeal, but don’t take kindly to changing batteries every year? Head over to our guide on thebest solar-powered watches for mento check out some great examples that you won’t find dead when you need them most.

Tested: The Best Digital Watches for Men (2024)


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Generally speaking, the battery of a modern digital watch should last for at least two years, and in some cases can carry on for four, five or even six years. How often you use the watch's extra features, and the backlight if it has one, will affect battery life.

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But digital watches, which hit the scene in mass quantities in the mid-70s, can now be almost as desirable. They generate a lot of nostalgia for people who grew up in the '80s and '90s. Plus, with those decades coming back into fashion, recent retro digital releases are gaining new appreciation.

Is Bulova better than Seiko? ›

Seiko provides traditional, stylish, functional, and innovative timepieces that all come from its revolutionary mindset. Bulova has unique and loud designs, and the brand stands out for its style and accuracy. However, Seiko's sleek and classy design earns more respect than any other in the competitive market.

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A stop watch measures time accurately upto a fraction of a second. A digital watch measures time up to a fraction of second. An atomic clock measures time most precisely as its precision is 1s in 1013 s.

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Typically, mechanical watches can accurate to within +/- 5 seconds a day While the accuracy of mechanical watches can be as high as +/- 3 seconds a day. Watches with a mechanical movement that have been tested and certified as a chronometer will retain an accuracy of -4/+6 seconds a day.


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